about dARRY

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator with a strong focus on poster design, print making,
book design, and editorial illustrations.


I was born in Moscow in 1988. Though I've been drawing since I was a kid, in 2012 I got a Master's Degree in literature and linguistics. After graduation, I had done 2 years of a post-grad course in theoretical linguistics and had worked as a literary editor in several publishing houses, mostly working with non-fiction. There I got interested in typography, posters, and book design.
In 2014-2015, I studied photojournalism for one year and a half at a private school in St. Petersburg, Russia, and during those years I realised that graphic design and painting were my primary interests and passion.
The knowledge I've obtained in different fields has helped me to develop a multidisciplinary approach to my visual artworks and design projects.

    • Institute for Linguistics Studies, Russian Academy of Science (St. Petersburg), a post-grad course in theoretical grammar and typological linguistics (unfinished), 2012 - 2014
    • Moscow Pedagogical State University, philological faculty, MA in linguistics and literature, 2005 - 2012
    in 2019-2020 published under expireddog pen name

    featured artist

    Collective exhibition TRAUMA, Chicago Urban Art Retreat Centre, April 2019
    A5 Magazine, September 2019
    Average Art, November 2019
    Wotisart, November 2019
    Average Art, January 2020
    A5 Magazine, January 2020
    Average Art, February 2020
    Wotisart, February 2020
    A5 Magazine, February 2020
    A5 Magazine, March 2020
    Poster Monday at posterposter.org, March 2020
    Art Hole, August 2020
    Interview for Sober Magazine, October 2020
    Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine Issue 6, October 2020
    Poster Monday at posterposter.org, October 2020
    Duende Zine Issue 1, September 2020
    Spongleheim Gallery, online collective exhibition, December 2020
    The Song Between Our Stars Zine, April 2021
    Mut Zur Wur Poster Competition Winner, May 2021
    Moon Exhibition by Forward, July 2021
    Personal exhibition, Tbilisi, KERA Space, July, 4, 2022
    Heart Directors Club Poster Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany, September, 2022
    Collective exhibition Contemporary Art, Boomer Gallery, London, November, 2022
    darry landberg, not an award winning designer
    With my illustrations I explore the topics of overspreading anxiety and frustration, not-belonging, loneliness, depression, mental health issues, and communication failures. In my paintings I take a cross-disciplinary approach to connect bad art style with illustration art, typography, and storytelling.
    I'm fond of sketchy, fast, and confident lines that make drawings lively, and thus I fancy drawing free-hand. I prefer working in black-and-white, as I find colours not necessary for my expressive style, but from time to time I love experimenting with full-colour.
    Being a former linguist, I often incorporate texts into my illustrations. Often I make hand-printed posters, using hand-cut stencils.
    I find free-hand drawings and hand-printing so exciting because, to a certain extent, I never know how the final result will appear. And since I don't find surgically clean works as appealing as hand-made ones, I always experiment during the process.
    Being raised in the 1990s, I love old school and prefer using digital software only as a helping tool, but not as a main instrument. My works are easily duplicated, and yet they are unique.
    I'm inspired by vintage cartoons, 8-bit video games, pixel art, grunge typography, and my dog Art.
    I draw on paper, canvas, and wooden panels with acrylic, ink, soft pastel, and spray paint.
    I celebrate dark humour, irony, & sarcasm
    I value diversity, the feeling of being different, & the sense of otherness
    I'm scared of communication
    I explore contemporary social issues thru bad art style.