2019 – 2022
(not in order of appearance)


acrylic, ink, pastel, markers, & spray paint on paper & wooden panels
hot koffee. lost balls / black pencil on paper. A4 each
grow up. emergency exit thru the window only. colon semi colon / acrylic & oil pastel on paper. A4 each
something coming / acrylic on paper. A4
socially awkward. charge your headphones / markers & black pencil on paper. A4 each
what a mess / marker & black pencil on paper. A4 each
fck problems / acrylic on paper. A4. digital gif
be different, don't be indifferent
wall tags
shit, I feel like an old-timer. zero star / acrylic marker & acrylic paint on wooden panels. 30 x 30 & 60 x 60 cm
deformed old timer car / acrylic drawing on paper. A4 + machinery embroidery on a snapback hat
bad selfie / spray paint & acrylic on paper. A4 each

does it really cost all your efforts. the lonesome life of party rabbit. did you overthink everything again. just do it, glock. my dick can't see me coz I'm fat. I love to pet my dog shoes. being intimate is a skill. I'm sorry but it seems we ain't matching. separation anxiety. summer'69. fuck, no fun / works on paper. ink, acrylic, spray paint. A4 each
running from myself / acrylic & spray paint on wooden panel. 40 x 30 cm

So one day I was running from myself, and myself was catching up, and I tried to run a red light, myself stopped, 'Hooray', I thought, my knee buckled, I stumbled, fell down, spreadeagled on the road. The traffic was approaching, and lying on the hot asphalt between lanes I was thinking that it was a really bad idea to run from myself on the red light, myself was grinning, 'I've told you so, man', the light turned green, I stood up, myself caught me, I've learned the lesson, and now, whenever I'm running from myself, I double check the light.
winter time / marker on paper. A4 each
bricks / marker on paper. A4
eating garbage is good for your immune system. did I make some shit again? (me working on every project) / ink & spray paint on paper & wooden panel. A3 each
hello, my name is Bad Art. hello, my name is Your Butt Smells Nice / spray paint, marker & stickers on paper & wooden panel. A4 each
smokers die younger / pencil & ink on paper. A4 each
dammit, I won't fit in again. I think too much of death. chillax, no one cares / pencil & marker on paper. A4 each
where are we now? changing room / black pencil, acrylic & marker on paper. A4 each
motor oil. angry little men / soft pastel & markers on paper. A4 each
oh, crap! are you blind? I'm not crap. so what? / acrylic, marker, & spray paint on paper. A3 & A4
outer space / acrylic on paper. A4
amazing new life. start. eating pasta in anger. / acrylic on paper. A4 each