visual identity

get caught, get KOK

collaboration with KOK
A series of posters, layouts & illustrations I created for KOK, a London-based brand of t-shirts. KOK raises contemporary social and cultural issues and reinterprets them in metaphorical way with their prints. Since KOK has a strong street-styled aesthetics, we've chosen grunge typography, that connects the promo posters with street art.The KOK's slogan is Unstable Humanity. Our collab is called Get caught, Get KOK. The posters and collages were based on KOK's slogans, which they'd created for each t-shirt.The posters were created with hand-cut stencils and spray paint on wooden panels. Then they were scanned. The collages were made in a mixed media technique. I combined hand-drawn illustrations and typography with KOK's photos.The launch is scheduled for 2022.Art direction &

Photography Jari Imbesi
Texts & story Haggai Fershtman
be in video, darling, every night. dream it, grow it. we don't need to stay the way ppl see us. for the sake of liberty. for the sake of solidarity. for the fake of society. dollinda
Superhero comics.
spray paint on canvas
double ass. censored & uncensored
the process