2018 – 2022
(not in order of appearance)

posters & print design

acrylic & hand-cut stencils, & spray paint on paper, wooden panels, & canvas + digital
autistic, yet cool / a digital shape-based poster + machinery embroidery on a velvet baseball hat
not being normal is awesome. Mut zur Wut winner'21 & a part of the Moon Exhibition by Forward

hopelessly looking forward to

bollocks! bollocks! brainless new world. we're so not in love / spray paint on paper. A4 each

Tbilisi brutalism / acrylic on wooden panel. 30 x 30 cm + digital

I know what I do is not important / book cover design. 20 x 20 cm
one day, pouring rain. where am I and what am doing here? I wish I was color bling. oh, how can you miss someone you never really knew? holes in the asphalt, holes in my socks, holes in my soul / acrylic & black pencil on paper. A4 each
book spreads

kill the beast (Lord of the Flies quotes). social media makes me unsocial. fuck censorship / stencils & spray paint on canvas. 60 x 80 cm, 40 x 50 cm, 30 x 40 cm

no future. vote! impeachment / stencils & spray paint on paper. A3 & A4

i understand. really? no / stencils & spray paint on paper. A4 each

feeling inadequate / stencils & spray paint on a tape cassette

I hate ya, sweet. too much visual junk. 69 daily club / spray paint & acrylic on wooden panels. 30 x 40 cm each

I'm bloody good at being my father's disappointment / Helvetica poster, spray paint on paper. A4
+ machinery embroidery on a velvet baseball hat

zero youth / stencils & spray paint on paper. A4 each + digital A5 prints

I blame video games and my parents for everything / stencils & spray paint on paper. A4 each

list of antidepressants & list of their side-effects / stencils & spray paint on skateaboard decks

list of interjections / Helvetica poster on a Swedish wooden horse. stencils & spray paint

social constructs & what to do about them / stencils & spray paint & acrylic on paper. A3 each + a print on a t-shirt

communication failure. copy paste / stencils & spray paint on wooden panels. 40 x 40 cm & 30 x 40 cm

/ experimental texts on wooden panels. 60 x 60 cm each

claustrophobic open spaces, a flat spare tyre, ein Action film ohne Abenteuer, a swimming pool without water, a play ground without swings, mood swings, where all these letters will go after i die?

nightmares in the morning sticky like glue mixed with sand. hey:) seen. trending now: quick reaction: ignore. social intolerance on autopilot, replying to my multiple selves. if you're not a part of the solution then you're a part of the problem. my life is a badly written story without a conclusion. an overexposed sunny 16 day. standing at the window. shadowless light. double spaces. blackouts bore me. so what's a reasonable amount of pain? a mug of cold black coffee strongless sugarless. lies is much easier comprehended than a simple one syllable word starting with N. b sides are always better. b plans never come in handy. reading upside down. wristwatch going backwards. unknown number calling under a pretext doesn't ring any bells. shifting topic in a dry voice. glass clinks perforating the skin a chipped tooth. retyping time-sensitive fakeness uncomfortable numbness so unforeseen. instant passport pictures. the image may seem brighter. a blurred close up of nothing is working 4 me. if swallowed do not induce vomiting. i eat instant noodles drink instant coffee but why it takes so long to live my life why do i feel like i'm twice older than i am. sein conjugation. making compromises with reality. vergisst es. i'm a tolerable mess

/ abstract art + experimental texts on wooden panels. 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm

I know what I do is not important. Sleeping pill. Not helping. Dim cold morning light. Shivering. Too bright. Too sober. Where have I left my sunglasses? Cigarette slowly dying between my finger tips. It doesn't feel right. Sentences without indefinite articles. Without parole. Not to feel anything at all. Wind blowing straight into and through my ear tunnels. Beep, opening my car, getting inside, turning on the stereo. White noise. No black tie. Closer to silence. Empty road. No traffic. Satellites lost. No point of destination. My headlights reflecting on wet asphalt. Almost undistinguishable road mapping. This way. Not this way. Wrong direction. T junction. Turn left. Turn right. Don't turn at all. Low visibility. Illuminated dashboard. Shining. The Typewriter scene. Focus. Focus on the road. Roundabout with blind exists. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. 40 m/ph. Shifting the gears. 60 m/ph. 80, 90, hundred. Slamming the anchors. Intensive uncare unit. Radio. 6 a.m. news, nothing new. Pulling over. Familiar gas station. Closed for reconstruction. Shite, no coffee for me. I wanna sleep and spaghetti. Not sure if spaghetti is noun or verb. Tap tap tap on the window. Are you okay? Short Nod. Have you been drinking? Shake of the head. Please Remove your sunglasses. step out of the vehicle. May I look at your licence. What's in your boot? Er, fire-extinguisher? Is it question or answer? Open the boot, please. Whatevs. Okay, drive safe. Sure. Chewing gum.

/ experimental texts on wooden panels. 30 x 40 cm each

la ville que te fait une personne troublee. seul à la table. en sentant pas à ma place. un bouteille de tequila. les années neurologique que contrôlent tes vues les amis que sont tes caméras de surveillance. les animaux qui choisissent pour toi avec les ennemis qui aiment ses jouets. tes explications modifiées, mes décisions déformées

i'm never all right, and i'm always all right in never being all right